Academic & Electives


These courses are delivered completely online through Moodle, and may require focused Internet research; thus, there is no paper-based text or workbook involved. Once enrolled, students simply log into their Moodle account, and work with the freedom of their personal devices. ASCEND Online supplies all required course materials.



Theses are based on a school-approved texts and/or workbooks, which are loaned to each student for the term. Usually, the first few assignments are posted online so students can start the course once they enroll. Once they have activated the course (submitted 10% of course work), the text will be sent to them. ASCEND Online supplies all required course materials.



For those students truly aiming to take complete control of their learning. Outcomes are covered through an individual course of study proposed by the student.  A Student Learning Plan (SLP) is drafted with their Contact Teacher, which serves to guide the student through established ministry guidelines for course credit. Courses in this category typically include electives in the Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Physical Education, and English courses. There is a funding allocation for materials to help cover the course outcomes once the teacher has approved the learning plan. Family PO#s may not be used for High School students and exceptions must be requested directly to administration; the office does high school purchasing.