ASCEND Catholic Community

ASCEND celebrates the uniqueness of each family. We are excited to support parents in whichever manner they choose to educate their children. We pray that through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, ASCEND will be a network of support and encouragement to the province-wide community of BC Catholic home-based learners.

In Distributed Learning (DL) Enrollment, you are free to use any curriculum you choose to meet the Ministry of Education requirements. With the ongoing support of your contact teacher, you maintain flexibility and creativity while acknowledging ministry standards.


  • You become part of a support network for Catholic homeschooling families.
  • You can access funding for curriculum and other education-related activities.
  • You engage in regular communication with a certified teacher, while still maintaining the role of primary educator to your child(ren).
  • A student Learning Plan (SLP) in collaboration with your contact teacher is designed to meet Ministry standards while allowing for your family’s values and interests.
  • You will communicate regularly, sharing and submitting learning samples as necessary to help meet ministry accountability standards with your contact teacher.
  • You may use Catholic material to fulfill your family’s educational needs.
  • You have access to the services and resources provided through ASCEND.

Homeschool Registered

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High School

ASCEND is a fully accredited high school able to grant one of three graduation certificates: The BC Dogwood diploma or a high school completion certificate.  ASCEND offers core and elective courses in the senior grades. You can choose to complete all of your high school graduation credits with ASCEND with your specific life objectives in mind.  Your courses can be completely online, individualized, or text-based and are directed by a teacher.  You may design your own individualized program with a teacher collaborating on a Student Learning Plan (SLP)  to meet Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs) while personalizing it to your interests and goals.  Your program can also include any combination of approaches which helps you maximize on your learning goals.


Need an extra course?  Consider ASCENDing!  Cross-enrollment means high school students in BC can be enrolled for courses at more than one school at the same time.  Students enrolled at any high school can also take one or more of their courses at ASCEND and the grades will be fully recognized by the ministry.

We trust in God’s guidance for ASCEND – “You send forth Your Spirit and things are created, and You shall renew the face of the earth.” We have many ideas and programs that we want to develop and know that God will continue to inspire us with new ways to support those who put His vision first.