Trades & Apprenticeship


Increase you career opportunities; work with technology; make money!


Not sure about career options or a trade? Try some out, and get credit. Not only can you work towards your trade while in high school, but also can reduce your post secondary college costs by half! Through the high school apprenticeship program, ACE-IT (Accelerated Credit Enrollment in Trades Training), you’ll have a head start on your first year or two of college or a technical training program. By completing this hands-on, dual credit program, you will receive credits for both your high-school diploma, and at least one year of technical training for your post-secondary industry training program. This means that you will graduate post-secondary early, as you will spend less time in post-secondary, and get an early start to your career. It also means you will pay less tuition in the long run, as you will not be paying for an extra year or more at a post-secondary institution.


I’m in! Where do I look?

You can apply for ACE IT if you meet the following three criteria:


1. You are an Ascend Online high school student.

2. You will finish your training within three months of graduating.

3. You will be under the age of 20 when you complete the ACE IT program.


Check out ITABC and, the ACE IT brochure, or contact us at ASCEND.