Criminal Record Check

Ministry of Justice criminal record checks are mandatory for all service providers or volunteers in contact with students – according to the Ministry of Education policy. CRCs must be on file before activities may commence or payment issued.  R.C.M.P checks are not considered valid – ONLY those through the Ministry of Justice.

If you already have a Ministry of Justice CRC with another school or organization, you still have to secure a new one for Ascend Online School if its not a CRC check for working with children and/or vulnerable adults. There will be a fee of $28 for this payable by credit card. If you have an active CRC check similar to what we require, you can apply for a SHARING CRC which will not incur any fee.

If you have a professional certification that requires a CRC for maintaining your membership, please provide us with the name of the organization and the web link to verify your current status on its registry. Verification would also take place once a year to confirm continued membership.

If you are a certified teacher with membership in the Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB) you will also need to provide us with a copy of your original teacher certificate.

If you are a new vendor wanting to provide services (Recreation Centre, Tae Kwan Do School, Music School etc.) you must provide a letter on company letterhead certifying that you require your staff to undergo and pass a criminal record check for working with children and/or vulnerable adults. This is in pursuant to the Criminal Records Review Act of BC. This must be signed by your Organization head and sent to Marilen Bautista.

Sample Letter

If you are new and have not provided services with Ascend Online School, please

contact Marilen Bautista either by email or phone to get instructions for the process on getting a Criminal Record Check. Please don’t apply for a CRC directly with the Ministry of Justice website as there is a specific access code required for the result to go directly to the school.

Criminal Record Check Application

Please see: for details about the CRC Application.

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