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Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst. Mt 18:20

Our vision at ASCEND is to build a community, both on-line and in person, of families and individuals dedicated to promoting a life in Christ through faith, family, and education.  Raised in the power of the Holy Spirit's sacramental presence, we prepare our families to be "lights onto the world" by our life rooted in Christ’s Love!

Sex, Money, and God: A Course on Living Life to the Fullest

This course is informed and guided by the Church’s teaching on the Human Person. It looks at the paradoxical relationships between Sex, Money and God as the starting point for exploring the person of Christ, one’s sense of identity in Christ and the moral implications in personal and vocational decisions. By looking at Church teaching and history, through the saints, it aims to establish prayer and sacramental life as essential to fulfilling, purposeful living.

Designed as a complete course, with full grade 12 high school credits, it is a very full/intense 5 days with pre-retreat and post-retreat assignments, helping prepare students to live their adult call in Christ.

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Your initial commitment, beginning your retreat now, is a short written statement of approximately 300 words describing what you think is your major personal challenge to live as a Christian/Catholic in your present cultural situation.


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Special Education

Ascendonline offers individual education plans catered to your child's specific learning needs. With the support of a custom Special Education team, we will ensure you have the tools you need at your fingertips so that you can keep the focus on what matters.

High School

You have options! In this time of entering young adult life, students now have even more options in their learning choices. From a variety of courses to a variety of schools, the province of BC offers students the largest selection of graduation options available. At ASCEND we are here to help you make the choice that best prepares you for the future you’re meant to live.

Above all, enjoy the learning journey and explore your potential in Christ!

New to Homeschooling?

Welcome Home! Explore a safe and refreshing approach to learning. There is a wealth of options and resources to fit your family style and the uniqueness of each child. Our children are born to succeed and lead through example.

Your home is the best place to build family bonds that last forever. We build relationships where siblings learn, work and grow together with parents mentoring and leading their children in faith and relationships. The family is truly where the heart of God resides.