ASCEND Online High school provides options for all your grade 10-12 needs.

  • take courses that aren’t offered at your high school or that don’t fit your high school schedule
  • get ahead by starting courses early  OR  start courses at any time of the year
  • learn in a way that offers flexibility and fits your learning style with options  OR  flexible learning styles and options
  • use your extra curricular activities to earn high school credits OR gain high school credits from activities outside of school
  • become a Duke of Edinburgh Award recipient, gain high school credits, personal empowerment and leadership skills and recognition
  • teachers that are BC certified, enthusiastic, subject specialists who go above and beyond for their students
  • complete your BC Dogwood certificate, Adult Grad or Evergreen Certificate with ASCEND Online

High School Report Cards are available 4 times per year, early November, beginning of February, mid April and end of June.  Student learning plans are considered report cards for K-9 students.

In accordance with the Ministry of Education’s Graduation Options, ASCEND Online offers several paths to graduation that will allow you to have your learning acknowledged following high school.

Dogwood Diploma:

This Grad Planner link is a summary resource to planning for the Dogwood, which also forms part of the requirements for your Planning 10 class.

View the Grad Planner

There are different ways to accomplish the Ministry of Education requirements. Every student in the Dogwood Graduation Program has to complete a certain amount of required courses and electives. In addition to this, ASCEND Online requires that students take Religion 10, 11, and 12. The table below is an overview of what you need to graduate with a Dogwood from ASCEND Online.

Graduation requirements are introduced in your Planning 10 class. For more details, please refer to the Ministry of Education’s Handbook of Procedures for the Graduation Program, or contact our High School Coordinator.

NOTE: Please refer to and download the Grad Planner for more detailed information.

You can get a transcript of courses you have completed to use for post-secondary admission

Students in Grades 10-12 can enroll in courses in more than one school. This is called cross enrolment.  If you are not a full time student with us but want to take part of your High School program with us, you can cross enroll now.

Download here

The Grade 10 Numeracy and Literacy Assessments are provincial assessments that assess student proficiency in numeracy and literacy. They are requirements for graduation. Students take the assessments in their Grade 10-12 years. They are taken onsite at brick and mortar schools that will accommodate  ASCEND Online students.  Contact Dina Fiset-Kinzel at vp@ascendonline.ca for information on how to arrange these assessments.  For more about the assessments themselves (what they are like, how to prepare for them, etc.) check out the ministry website:

View Here

View Here


All grade 8-12 students and staff are invited to join us every Thursday at 2pm for prayer, games, and discussions led by ASCEND staff and student leadership group and focusing on relevant life for Catholic teens today. Join us here:  https://ascendonline.zoom.us/s/8861458028

If you have the skills and experience to demonstrate prior learning that covers the curricular outcomes of a particular course in Grade 10-12, you may apply to challenge that course. The application form is here, once it is filled in please email it to mgallagher@ascendonline.ca for review.

If you have completed programs outside of school, such as bronze cross, cadets, Royal Conservatory of Music, etc. you may be eligible for school credits. ASCEND Online Equivalency and External Credit Policy.  This link will take you to the ministry site of all the organizations that may be eligible for credit.


You may sign up to get a copy of your transcript with the BC Ministry of Education or to have your transcript automatically sent to any post secondary institutions. Click here to order your transcript.

There are many post secondary institutions that are available to continue your studies after graduation.  If you are interested in Catholic post secondary schools, here are a few that may interest you:

St. Mark’s College at UBC

Corpus Christi College beside UBC

Catholic Pacific College at Trinity Western University