Ascend Online RE-ENROLMENT

You should have received an email from the school with re-enrolment instructions. If you did not receive this re-enrolment email, please contact 

Dear ASCEND Online families


We are happy to announce that re-enrolment for the 2024-2025 school year is now open! 


To secure a space in ASCEND and receive tuition exemption, re-enrolment must be completed by Thursday, February 29th. AFTER that date, you will be placed in line for acceptance along with new applications, and full tuition payment will be required. ($100/student, $200/family)


Re-enrolment process:

Step1) Let the office know (

  1. Which child(ren) you wish to re-enroll (or re-register).
  2. If your address and contact information have changed. 
  3. Verify or add contact information (name, email, phone) for an emergency contact for your family
  4. Include the names of any new siblings you wish to enroll or register to ensure they have a spot for the 2024-2025 school year. If you have new students enrolling, you will be required to fill in a new application for new students here. 


Step 2)  Click on this pandadoc link to read and sign the Parent Agreement and Legal Residency Form. You also need to upload a current proof of residency and birth certificate. If we already have your re-enrolling child’s birth certificate on file, you do not need to resend it.

Remember- To secure a space in ASCEND and receive tuition exemption, re-enrolment must be completed by Thursday, February 29th.


Enrollment Team