ASCEND celebrates the uniqueness of each child within the family. We pray that through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, ASCEND will be a network of support and encouragement to the province-wide community of BC Catholic home-based learners. Our personalized learning plans support the BC curriculum and are based on individual student strengths, interests, and  learning styles.

By becoming a part of the ASCEND Online K-9 community, you will:

If you would like to simply register your child as an independent homeschooler, as discussed in Sections 12 – 14 of the BC School Act  you may also do that through ASCEND. The registration (or homeschooling) option places full responsibility for education on the parent, and is not supervised by a British Columbia certified teacher, or required to meet provincial learning standards.

K-12 Homeschool Registered

ASCEND Online supports the right of parents in BC to homeschool their children. The homeschool registered option is not supervised by a British Columbia certified teacher. For more information please visit this link.