ASCEND Online supports the right of parents in BC to homeschool their children. We offer the following supports to families that choose this educational option:

  • *access to ASCEND Online library resources. There is a fee for shipping and larger kits or items may requires a deposit.
  • *access to online learning subscriptions. A minimal fee is required
  • *Level A assessments, to assess grade level placement.
  • *2 hours of consultation with our K-9 Academic Advisor, 10-12 Academic Advisor, or vice-principal.
  • *an invitation to participate in ASCEND Online community school and high school prayers.
  • *access to student and parent workshops sponsored by ASCEND Online.
  • *access to Pilgrim’s Quest and Saint’s Quest, based on seat availability and for a minimal fee

See below for a comparison between registered homeschoolers and enrolled online learners (formerly called DL-Distributed Learning).