Ascend Online 2021-2022


If re-enrolled by March 12, 2021, tuition fees are not required. 

TUITION FEES: $100 for one student or $200 per family. please mail  to ASCEND Online:

635a Tranquille Road, Kamloops BC, V2B 3H5.

CROSS ENROLLMENT FEE: $50 per course to a maximum of $100 per student or $200 per family.
If you require tuition assistance, please contact the school principal at1-888-599-5775 ext. 6

Step 1:
Sign the parent agreement and legal residency form.
Step 2:
Log-in to MyEd and complete the enrolment process.

Note: Log in to MyEd and check your verification form. Once you have checked the verification form and sent any corrections/additions and a utility bill with your current address email Registrations 

If you do not have a MyEd login, please contact admin