Course Challenge

Course Challenge procedure:

Students who have evidence of undocumented prior learning should adhere to the following procedures when applying to challenge a BC Ministry of Education course or a BAA course offered by ASCEND Online:

1. Apply to the principal or Grade 10-12 Academic Advisor for approval to challenge a specific course.
2. Confirm that the course has not been completed in a previous enrollment either with ASCEND Online or another BC school or district.
3. Demonstrate readiness to challenge a specific course by:
• Providing recommendation from a teacher.
• Providing evidence that prior learning has occurred to a reviewing teacher.

The reviewing teacher will provide in writing to the student a list of the evidence that will be required to determine if the student has met the learning outcomes for the course and at what level of competency they have been met. The reviewing teacher may request that the student:
• Provide a portfolio of work
• Complete a written test
• Demonstrate learning through “hands on” activities
• Deliver an oral presentation
• Is available for an interview
• Any combination of the above

The teacher will then:

1.    Allow the student sufficient time to accumulate the evidence and inform the student of the date when the evidence must be presented.
2.    Assess the evidence to determine whether the student has met the learning outcomes for the course.
3.    Assign a letter grade and percentage based on the same standards the teacher would use when teaching the course.
4.    Inform the principal, student, parent and graduation counselor, in writing, of the results of the assessment.