In accordance with the Ministry of Education’s Graduation Options, ASCEND Online offers several paths to graduation that will allow you to have your learning acknowledged following high school.

Dogwood Diploma:

This Grad Planner link is a summary resource to planning for the Dogwood, which also forms part of the requirements for your Planning 10 class.

View the Grad Planner

There are different ways to accomplish the Ministry of Education requirements. Every student in the Dogwood Graduation Program has to complete a certain amount of required courses and electives. In addition to this, ASCEND Online requires that students take Religion 10, 11, and 12. The table below is an overview of what you need to graduate with a Dogwood from ASCEND Online:

– 52 credits from Ministry required courses

– 12 credits of Religion (Grade 10, 11, and 12)

– 16 credits from elective courses.

Graduation requirements are introduced in your Planning 10 class. For more details, please refer to the Ministry of Education’s Handbook of Procedures for the Graduation Program, or contact our High School Coordinator.

NOTE: Please refer to and download the Grad Planner PDF for more detailed information.

School Completion Certificate:

You can get a transcript of courses you have completed to use for post-secondary admission