Ascend Parent Handbook 2017/18

Please download each form, fill it out and email us the form. You will require Adobe Reader to be installed.

Residency Form (**Required for enrolment and registration)

This form is a requirement to confirm BC residency and must be signed and submitted yearly.

Residency Form

Resource Loan Agreement Form (**Required for enrolment)

This form is used for resource purchases and loans.

Resource Loan Agreement Form

K-9 Parent Agreement Form (**Required for enrolment)

All parents of students in kindergarten through grade 9 are required to sign and submit this form yearly.

K-9 Parent Agreement Form

Criminal Record Check Application

Please see: for details about the CRC Application.

Lesson and Activity Billing Form

This form is used for billing lessons and activities. All service providers must have a Ministry of Justice CRC on file before invoices are allowed to be paid (please see #1).

Lesson and Activity Billing Form

Pre-Approval Purchase Form

Parents who are spending Curriculum Funding are required to complete this form and send to the corresponding Contact Teacher. Deadline is on or before May 15th.

Pre-Approval Purchase Form

Registered Student Reimbursement Form

This form is used to gain reimbursement for educational costs. Please submit one form per family for the full allotted amount between Oct 15th and May 15th (deadline).

Registered Student Reimbursement Form

Internet Reimbursement Form 

This form is used for a one time reimbursement for internet service (to a maximum amount of $300 and depending on the amount of family funding left). This form must be submitted by May 15th. Cheques will be sent out in June.

Internet Reimbursement Form

Equipment Loan Agreement Form (3yr Loan Agreement)

This form is used for a specific item over $100. Loan means the full amount of the product is paid out from the funding, but remains school property for 3 years.

Equipment Loan Agreement Form 3yr Equipment Form

The Computer Lease Agreement 

Parent Media Consent Form

The law requires that we ask your permission to use information about your child. We will not release any personally identifiable written information without prior written consent from you as a parent or guardian. Personally identifiable information includes student name, photograph and or image.

PDF Format